WED Expo has the largest gathering of wedding experts and lifestyle products to choose from. Brides and Grooms To-be, their families and friends are actively involved in the wedding planning process. Whether you are a bride, groom, family, friend, event planner…. at WED Expo, there is something for everyone.





  • WED Expo boasts of the largest collection of wedding gowns in any one place and is a must attend event for every bride-to-be. Try on wedding gowns and have one-on-one consultations with the best wedding gown designers.
  • Meet the best makeup artistes and have a trial makeup session so you have an idea of what you would look like on your big day.
  • Enjoy free consultation with photographers, decorators, wedding planners, bakers, caterers and lots more!
  • Get great discounts on all products and services offered.


  • With the largest gathering of grooms wear designers under one roof, grooms have the opportunity to try on different suits and tuxedos and make a great choice for their special day.
  • Meet a host of honeymoon planners and get great advice on the best honeymoon destination for you and your bride
  • Get great bargains and discounts on halls and event venues from their representatives who would be at the exhibition.
  • Get great discounts on all products and services offered.


  • At WED Expo, parents of couples have the opportunity to interact with a wide array of wedding vendors to help plan their children’s day and make it special
  • A wide array of traditional attires in different colours and designs are available to choose from
  • Parents can get great bargains on hall venues, photography, wedding planners and more
  • Choosing special fabrics for friends of the parents is made easier at the WED Expo as there are lots of traditional attires retailers offering a wide array of choices



  • Meet the best bridesmaid and groomsmen designers and have an array of different styles and colours to choose from or have one-on-one consultations for specific orders
  • Choose from a large collection of gifts and souvenirs to make your friend’s day memorable
  • Get great bargains on your makeup and accessories to use on your friend’s special day
  • Get ideas and contacts that would be useful for you when next you are planning that big event or your own wedding.

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